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The birthday plans were going well, he had to admit that to himself. And he had had far too much fun with the loose glitter that now covered his face and hair and every other surface imaginable including the glass of champagne beside him. Getting it done while he had the foresight to do so had also been a good idea though; otherwise on the first of February he was most likely to be found running around gathering last minute things that would not be satisfying.

Uruha leant back against the carpet and fumbled his mobile out of his pocket, gazing upon the face of his most recent nephew before stamping out a short message to his most favourite person in the world.

Hey, come stay the night with me; it’s cold and I’m lonely ♥

It was rare when they saw each other sometimes, out of work situations where they were vocalist and guitarist and business partners of sorts. His fault, for acquiring that little bit of extra distance before considering any plunge. Only now, was he beginning to see himself as ready.

Uruha yawned, curling up on the floor where he rested, the softer bit of carpet just enough to keep him comfortable while the heater warmed his feet. Just until Ruki got here, he'd sleep a while.

Just... a little while....


This has been mine and Tanya's baby since last night. It's a long RP-fic based on a sad Korean PV we watched.
Please read it; We're both very proud of this.
Warnings:: Death; violence; suicide... lots and lots of angst.

And the video we based the whole thing off :: Sky - Loveholic

You're filling every corner of my universe, 'cause I was as tamed by you as by breathing...Collapse )


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